New Film Exposes How Accidental Modifications of Household Mold Have Made People Fat and Weak, Severely Affecting an Estimated 100-Million in the United States Alone

Bulletproof Films announced today the release of its new documentary that investigates the dangerous world of toxic environmental mold in the new documentary film MOLDY. Produced by prominent biohacker, bestselling author, and Bulletproof Founder, Dave Asprey, and directed by Kee Kee Buckley and Eric Troyer, the film uncovers the frightening truth about this growing health crisis far more dangerous than asbestos and lead paint, and exposes risks, explains the effects, and shares solutions for keeping our families strong.

MOLDY makes its world premiere Thursday, June 4 at and will continue to be available on the site for a 10-day free screening period. The film will also be available for purchase via digital download and DVD.

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