Bradley Beach Basement Mold Remediation and New Concrete Floor

The Problem
All Jersey was recently called upon to help a prior client deal with a mold and water damage issue in the basement of their beach house. The problem was that the basement floor was cracked and water would come pouring up through the middle of the room.

The Solution

  1. Removed all of the contents into a waiting pod.
  2. Sanitized and remediate mold on all content as it left the space.
  3. Removed 20 tons of concrete/rubble/and sand from the space in 5 gallon buckets through the windows.
  4. Spread gravel in the trench dug out around the perimeter.
  5. Installed 3 ” perforated PVC pipe to carry water from flooding to the 2 sump pump pits.
  6. Drilled 65 weep holes in the foundation base.
  7. Covered the walls with non permeable dimpled plastic drainage board.
  8. Brought in 15 tons of stone through the windows in 5 gallon pails.
  9. Tamped down the stone and prep for concrete with wire mesh.
  10. Had a concrete truck pour a new4-5 inch slab as we leveled the floor.

The Results
Now the client’s basement is not only mold and water free but it will become a whole new usable room. This job could not have come out any better!


Demo and Dig

Remediate and Seal

Prep The Floor

Pour and Level The Mud

The Finished Product