How to Remove Mold in Your Basement After Water Damage

remove mold in basement after water damage

Mold is a regular nuisance to homeowners and can be hazardous to one’s health. The substance is usually most prominent in areas of the house where moisture and humidity lingers – resulting in a gradual spread within small areas before rapidly expanding throughout the house. Basements are significantly susceptible to mold growth since they are usually targets of flooding, condensation from water pumping systems and a result of poor foundations in the plumbing or structuring of the house. It’s important to sanitize the mold in your house, as it can be dangerous to leave unattended.

Methods of Basement Mold Removal

Fortunately, there are effective means to remove mold from your basement. It is important to obtain the necessary protective gear to ensure no mold spores get into your system, as it can trigger fatal allergic reactions or respiratory problems if you are individually prone or exposed to them. Luckily, you can remove mold with natural remedies that don’t involve harsh chemicals, or by using strong chemicals that are massively effective against mold and mold spores.

Natural Methods

Some natural methods of cleaning mold involve everyday products that you can find in your own home or local supermarket. They’re easy to obtain and should be your first choice of offensive measures against mold.

  • Vinegar – White vinegar, in general, is a well-known household cleaner that can kill mold and other bacteria. Best way to utilize the product is to dilute it with water and use it as a spray-on solution that can reach into places where it may be hard to reach. Once sprayed onto the mold, let the vinegar sit for a few minutes and thoroughly cleanse the area afterward.
  • Tea-Tree OilThis popular oil is a natural fungicide that must be mixed with water to kill the mold. In a similar process with the vinegar, apply to the mold, let it sit for a moment and scrub off the mold.
  • Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide is a solution that is safe to use on most fabrics – which could be ideal for basement carpets – that must be diluted to optimize its effects.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract Probably the most helpful and unique solution compared to most, the extract not only kills mold but functions as mold prevention. Simply add water to the solution and follow the same procedure as the previously mentioned methods.

Conventional Methods

These methods involve stronger responses towards mold that either need to be approached with caution or have situational applications that need to be acknowledged before use.

  • Bleach This extremely potent cleaning solution is effective on smooth surfaces such as glass, tile and ceramics. Bleach is ill-advised to use on carpets or fabric, as it will stain them.
  • Benefect Less toxic than bleach and other chemical cleaners, Benefect is a natural botanical disinfectant that stunts all mold growth. With only natural ingredients in its makeup and no synthetic chemicals, Benefect can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria in less than half a minute.
  • Negative Air Pressure This special machine can vacuum the air out of a basement, which sucks up and filters out any and all mold spores within the space. This will help promote healthy air quality.
  • HEPA Vacuums HEPA, or High-Efficiency Particle Absolute vacuums, can also be used to suck up mold spores and particles. The machine should be used somewhat regularly to achieve the best mold growth prevention.

Consulting Professional Help

Perhaps all the methods you’ve tried weren’t enough to put a damper on the mold, or the mold has grown out of control since it was left unattended for a bit too long. If there’s any dire situation of any significance involving mold growth, All Jersey Environmental Services are the professionals to call for an efficient solution to mold removal. The All Jersey team is well equipped and specializes in a wide range of water damage issues and sanitation services for your safety. If you’re looking for the most effective mold removal team in New Jersey, contact us for more information or receive a free quote for your home.