Sanitizing and Disinfecting Sorrento Bakery in East Hanover, NJ

Every day I begin my day with a brief stop at the bakery just a few hundred yards from my home as the crow flies. Each time we walk out of our home we smell the bread and pastries cooking and thank God that you can’t gain weight from that amazing smell alone. Each spring I look forward to the weeks prior to Palm Sunday when Sorrento begins putting out Easter Bread for those who just can’t help themselves. The bakery and the family that own and operate Sorrento’s are a part of my daily routine (and half the people in East Hanover).

This past Friday (04/17/2020), All Jersey received a call from Sorrento that they needed to take some time to close the store so that it could be professionally sanitized and disinfected for the health and safety of its employees and customers. This was done after a grueling couple of weeks of non-stop baking and serving the local community for the Easter holiday season. The family hired All Jersey to sanitize and disinfect the entire facility — front the customer dining area of the bakery, to the food prep areas, and all areas where their valued employees make the best baked goods in New Jersey. All throughout the day, nearly 1 car every 2 minutes pulled up looking for their fix of delicious baked goods. I was stunned to see the amazing loyalty and love from the community. As a member of the community for 40 years, I was proud to work on the behalf of such a well-respected and widely loved family business. We got to see that the most valuable commodities a business can generate are goodwill and respect from the community. Sorrento’s Bakery has done just that. I will be one of the first people in line over the next week or so when those doors re-open.

My team thanks you for keeping the business local and we are happy to serve you all.

John Messina, President & CEO
All Jersey Environmental Services of East Hanover.