Basement Mold Removal and Remediation in East Hanover, NJ

The Problem
All Jersey was recently called to treat a home in East Hanover, NJ that was going on the market within the next few days. There appeared to be mold in the area of the sump pump as well as a few unused water tanks.

The Solution
All Jersey Environmental Services proposed to not only remove and remediate the East Hanover basement mold but to ensure that the entire space was safe for a potential new family buying the home.  The entire area was treated with EPA-approved antimicrobial solution, HEPA vacuumed several times and then encapsulated with antimicrobial encapsulant paint to ensure the area would remain safe indefinitely.

The Results
The East Hanover home seller and buyers were both very satisfied and relieved that our services helped both parties feel safe that the mold issue was completely remediated.