Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation and Eco-Friendly Home and Childcare Sanitizing.

  • Mold Removal, Remediation and Water Damage Restoration 

    Water damage is a major disaster occurrence that many property and business owners face. Whether caused by a leaky roof, broken pipes, flood, sewage backup, or a natural disaster it is best handled quickly and by specially trained experts like those at All Jersey Environmental Services, Inc.

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  • Childcare Sanitizing Services

    Every day, parents place their precious little ones into the hands of childcare businesses everywhere. The caregivers at these businesses are trusted to treat these children as if they were their own. Unfortunately, many childcare businesses are unaware of the hidden dangers they may be exposing children to that go beyond the typical runny noses and damp diapers.

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  • Home Sanitizing Services

    As times change, it is important to insure that our clients and their families are safe. All Jersey has been vigilant in following trends and keeping up with data that is pertinent to the homes of the people we serve. We are finding out that human beings are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics.  Viruses we find worldwide are also immune to all formerly known vaccines.

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  • Advanced Thermal Imaging and Moisture Detection

    All Jersey Environmental services is now providing our techs with the latest handheld thermal imaging equipment from Flir.  The MR176 handheld thermal imaging system is a handheld moisture meter, providing the operator with temperature..relative humidity..dew point.. and a tremendous amount of other information to help that operator find potential areas of moisture.

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  • FLIR-MR176-Thermo-Imaging

  • Air Quality Lab Testing

    Many of us do not realize that the quality of air in our home, office, or school can be more polluted than that of outdoor air. These are places that we spend most of our time and it is absolutely critical that the air that we breath is free from contaminants.

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  • Working in the laboratory