Water Damage Restoration from Frozen Pipe Bursts


Water Damage Restoration Near You

When a pipe freezes it can burst and flood any residential or commercial building. To prevent prolonged damage you’ll need to consult experienced professionals who are prepared to service your home or business. All Jersey Environmental Services is dedicated to fully restoring water damage resulting from frozen pipe bursts. We pride ourselves on trustworthy, rapid and reliable service to those in critical need of health cleanup assistance.


How Does a Frozen Pipe Burst?

Pipes are used to transport water throughout a building structure. When the weather delivers cold conditions, these pipes may reflect the temperature outside. The drop in temperature cools the water and expands when the liquid nears freezing temperatures. This contributes to large amounts of pressure that not every pipe will be able to handle. When the pressure becomes too great, the pipe can burst and spray continual amounts of water until intervention. Depending on the size of the ruptured pipe, mold spores, bacteria, and microorganisms can begin growing within 24 hours and multiply at a rapid pace.


The Dangers of Mold in the Home

Mold often grows in areas resulting from frozen pipe bursts that aren’t visible to the naked eye. These cracks and crevices within the home are hidden from plain sight and water may settle in these areas without anyone ever knowing. Sometimes mold isn’t detected until individuals begin experiencing negative health effects such as respiratory ailments, sneezing, headaches and vomiting. Busted pipes, and the area around them, are easily repairable when they receive necessary attention from trusted professionals at All Jersey Environmental Services.


Cleanup from All Jersey Environmental Services


Once the flooding is discovered, a race against the clock begins to clean up and dry out the damaged areas before it turns into a larger problem. If the effected areas are not treated properly, it can become both a costly structural and critical health issue. Home materials that are commonly affected by water damage include porous carpeting, drywall, and sub-flooring. These substances are easily saturated and can cause serious health risks within your home. All Jersey is equipped with the latest machines and expertise to thoroughly dry all water damaged areas. We’re prepared to act quickly and prevent a larger mold issue from occurring.


Water Damage Restoration in New Jersey

In the event your home or business suffers from a frozen pipe burst, you know who to call for immediate service. All Jersey Environmental Services is equipped to apply antiseptic solutions to all effected areas to quickly exterminate the threat of mold and bacteria. Contact us or call our trained and certified technicians at 973-855-8032 for reliable eco-friendly cleanup assistance.