Mold Inspections, Testing, Removal and Remediation

mold-removal-suitMold growth in buildings can lead to a variety of health problems. Various practices can be followed to alleviate mold issues in the home or office, the most important of which is to reduce moisture levels that can impede mold growth. Removal of affected materials after the source of moisture has been reduced and/or eliminated may be necessary for remediation.

Mold in the home can usually be found in damp, dark or steamy areas e.g. bathroom or kitchen, cluttered storage areas, recently flooded areas, basement areas, plumbing spaces, areas with poor ventilation.

Mold-Removal-Remediation-Job-SiteSome molds produce mycotoxins that can cause serious health risks. Some studies claim that exposure to high levels of mycotoxins can lead to neurological problems and in some cases death. Prolonged exposure, e.g. daily home exposure, may be particularly harmful.

At All Jersey Environmental Services, Inc., we have trained and certified experts as well as specialized equipment which allows us to collect specimens ranging from various molds & mildews as well as the air quality. We test samples in an independent lab thereby allowing us to effectively address the particular strain(s) of mold.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a major disaster occurrence that many homeowners and business owners have to face. Whether caused by a flood, storm, leaky roof, broken pipes, sewage backup or a natural disaster, it is best handled quickly and by our specially trained experts at All Jersey Environmental Services, Inc. If you do not act quickly, you can face more issues in the future. Bacteria and mold can form, which can be hazardous to your health. To prevent the growth of destructive mold and mildew it is important that you act immediately and start the dehumidification process. Bacteria and mold can become airborne making you and your family or coworkers sick if inhaled. There are a variety of other hazards when working with water damaged property such as electrical problems. The electrical system may become compromised due to water, which can lead to an electrical fire.

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