Air Quality & Mold Testing


At All Jersey Environmental Services, Inc., we use an independent lab for testing of air quality and for all strains of mold. It is important to us that we use an independent lab so that there is no conflict of interests and our customers can have confidence in the whatever results come back from the lab. We recognize and emphasize to you that some molds are much more harmful and maybe even fatal, so it is critical that we accurately test and identify the particular type of mold so our team of professionals can address it properly.

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Many of us do not realize that the quality of air in our home, office, or school can be more polluted than that of outdoor air. These are places that we spend most of our time and it is absolutely critical that the air that we breath is free from contaminants.

Sinus-headaches-treatmentKeeping the quality of our air clean keeps us healthier. Air can be contaminated either biologically or chemically; either of which can cause physical symptoms. A biological contaminated source includes molds, bacteria, fungi or viruses. Chemical sources are fumes from solvents, sprays, carpeting, new furniture etc. All enclosed spaces have a variety of contaminants which can accumulate to high levels and can adversely affect our health. Symptoms of poor air quality are:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Stuffy Nose
  • Flu-Like Symptoms
  • Eye, Skin, Nose and Throat Irritations

lab-mold-testIf you experience any of these symptoms consistently, it is important to check the quality of your air. Things that you do in your home or work environment combined with other physical factors, contaminate the air. Things that you don’t even think about. Carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust for example, can be circulated to all parts of a building; moist plant soils and dehumidifiers that hold water are a notorious breeding ground for bacteria. Photocopiers and other electrical equipment can produce irritating gas. Walls, carpets and furniture can emit chemicals such as formaldehyde. Cigarette ash particles become airborne and inhaled.

Air temperature and humidity as well as air circulation can affect general comfort and can influence air quality. If it is extremely humid for example, the growth of microbes are stimulated. If the air is excessively dry, particles become suspended in the air where they can be inhaled and or cause skin irritation or rashes.

We cannot emphasize enough, the need to breath quality air. At All Jersey Environmental Services, Inc. our team of trained and certified experts will test the air that you breath and address any and all issues in a prompt and professional manner.

cleanAll Jersey Environmental Services, Inc., gives you the piece of mind that you need in knowing that the air you breathe is safe.