Attic Mold Inspection, Testing and Removal


Gain Control of Harmful Attic Mold 

Attic mold isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s also an unsafe detriment to anyone who resides within a home that contains it. All Jersey Environmental Services fully understands that attic mold might not be the most obvious issue, but is still a serious problem that requires immediate action. Those suspecting mold in their attic should utilize the attic mold inspection, attic mold testing and attic mold removal services that All Jersey Environmental Services offers.

Common Causes of Attic Mold   

Homeowners or renters who experience attic mold do so for a variety of reasons. More often than not, an attic that is well insulated is the main cause, since it creates such a perfect atmosphere for mold spores to grow and multiply. Other contributing factors that lead to attic mold include the lack of gable vents, broken or missing attic fans and roof leaks, especially during the colder months of winter.

Attic Mold Inspection

Homeowners and renters who are fully aware that they have attic mold, should consider an attic mold inspection. The inspection begins by finding the exact areas the mold is affecting. Once the locations are determined, figuring out the cause of the mold is the next step. This will help determine which method should be taken in order to properly remove it. The certified technicians at All Jersey Environmental Services are highly trained to seek out mold and analyze it accordingly, making the attic mold inspection process an easy one.

Attic Mold Testing

Throughout the inspection process, the technician will collect samples of the attic mold. These samples are extremely important and will serve as a way for the team to test the mold, as well as evaluate the indoor air quality. This attic mold testing is made possible through laboratory examination. Upon the completion of the laboratory testing and indoor air quality evaluation, the results will be compiled into a comprehensive report and given to the homeowner or renter immediately. All Jersey Environmental Services provide the lowest rates on all air quality tests and independent lab reporting anywhere.

Attic Mold Removal

With the main goal of keeping everyone who inhabits the home as safe as possible, All Jersey Environmental Services will perform a highly efficient attic mold removal service that entails a few key steps for complete restoration success. A large part of the attic mold removal includes dehumidification and immediate restoration in order to avoid any structural hazards or harmful health conditions to those living in the home. The removal of all affected materials, reduction of moisture levels and the restoration of any water damage will also be taken care of during this critical step, in order to prevent future mold growth.

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